Day 21. In Day 20, I was getting physical. Looking at how we miss the tangible and tactile, never working with our hands in our typical modern workplace. Which is not to say the digital world can’t be absorbing. I have enjoyed learning to code, and have participated in several courses, but there are so many its hard to know which are the good ones. There’s a trust gap.

OLD IDEA 1: Trust

OLD IDEA 2: Coding Bootcamps

NEW IDEA: Review and certification scheme for coding Bootcamps. Helping participants choose the best one for them.

Five Whys:

  1. Coding Bootcamps are becoming increasingly popular.
  2. They fill an important need, training people to be able to participate in the growing technology industry.
  3. This is a good thing. Allowing people access to well paid, interesting jobs.
  4. However, the bootcamp industry is totally unregulated. The courses are expensive, typically up to £10k, and there is no formal qualification at the end. So quite a risk for participants And, it is hard to know which are the best camps.
  5. There is a need in the bootcamp market for some oversight, reviewing and comparing individual courses, and possible some certification or approval of the best ones.

Question: Have you participated in a coding bootcamp? Or ever considered signing up to one? How did you feel? Unsure? Lacking trust? That’s certainly how I’ve felt.

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