Day 4. So, I thought Day 3 was a doozy, and taps into broader digital transformation themes. Will there be anything that wont be disrupted by technology over the next 10 years? Its certainly a grand narrative. Day 4 will continue with the technology theme but in a different context.

I outlined the rules of the Ideas Project on Day 0.

OLD IDEA 1: Surf School

OLD IDEA 2: Coding Bootcamp

NEW IDEA: Surf & Code. Body & Mind. Digital & Elemental. A great combination right? How about learning to code and surf in the same 12 week residential bootcamp, in a beautiful location beside the sea?

Five Whys:

  1. Technology and digital disruption is happening. There is no stopping it now.
  2. Understanding technology and particularly coding will be a vital skill in the coming decades.
  3. Coding is an absorbing skill, where a state of flow can be achieved. But it is all in the mind, and not great for the body.
  4. Surfing is a complimentary counterpoint. A similar state of flow can be achieved, but in a physical way in a natural, elemental environment.
  5. Learning the two in combination, developing both the mind and body, are a perfect combination.

Question: For me, this sounds like the perfect career break, who else would enjoy this?

Budding Software Developer. Doing Makers.