Idea 32. I’ve had a bit of a break from the ideas project for a while, and in the meantime have started a software development bootcamp.

OLD IDEA 1: Look Cover Write Check

OLD IDEA 2: Ruby Script

NEW IDEA: Use an automated ruby script to facilitate rote learning of command line commands.

Five Whys:

  1. I am learning how to use the command line in support of a wider software development bootcamp.
  2. Being able to use the command line fluently is a foundational skill for efficient coding.
  3. There are many keyboard commands, conceptually not very complicated, but it is important to build a good understanding, and muscle memory in there use.
  4. At school, when learning new languages by rote, I would use the ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ methodology.
  5. As I am learning a software package, a software solution seems appropriate, to build the key stroke muscle memory. A simple ruby script, call from the command line, could be a simple solution.

Question: How do you learn the syntax for a new software language? Do you use any automated learning tools?